Sunday, January 30, 2011

Well that was fast

Our plan for scrupulous saving is going very well.

For the month of January, we spent a total of $93.73 out of pocket for our 8 shopping trips, averaging a 46% savings overall with sales and coupons. The best trip was to Kroger this past weekend, we spent $1.39 for $23.67 worth of products. For those of you without calculators handy, that's a 94% savings! Did I mention how much I LUUUUURVE coupons?

Anyhoo, our recipes this week included an amazing walnut tart, similar to a mini pecan pie. The recipe came from one of Hillary's co-workers, who also has some other tempting treat recipes which I would like to make soon.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, or, Save Scrupulously

OK, so I was 3 for 4 on my resolutions last year. Posture is fair, new car is great, and job hunting is over. Handwriting, however, has shown little to no improvement. I blame the lack of opportunity. I'm mostly glad I remembered what these resolutions WERE.

For my next trick, I resolve to carefully keep track of how much money I save. That is, how much money I don't spend. That is, the money that I would have spent had I paid full price for things. On the downside, this might lead me to believe that I have more money than I actually have, and will also lead me to flaunt my savings prowess. Hopefully I will be too modest for that.

On the upside, This is an exercise to show how it is possible to live within and under one's means to achieve a lifestyle at or above one's tax bracket.

And how might this tracking be done? I give you the tabulating savings chart, links courtesy of fellow couponers:

I'm personally going to be using the first one this year, slightly modified, but there are obviously several to choose from based on your preferred level of detail. In essence, you compare the full retail value of the item that you obtained with the amount which you paid for it, and continue to add these differences throughout the year. I think a goal of saving at least $2000 from coupons seems to be fair for the two of us. What do you think?

Of course, this need not apply only to groceries, but why start anywhere else? ;)