Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Beef on Beef

On New Year's Eve we went to an awesome venue til the wee hours. Actually we babysat and watched movies, but it was pretty cool. One of the movies we watched was Food Inc., a documentary on the food industry in the United States. This movie touches on a lot of different aspects, but one major one is the beef industry and how it has changed drastically in the last 50 years. I won't go into a lot of detail that you could learn from the movie or any variety of other places, but the premise is that the meat you buy costs a lot more than what you paid. Costs like your health, the environmental costs, and costs to the workers who process this product. It's a pretty scary picture.

Now it's becoming more common that consumers are asking these kinds of questions about the products they buy, and we had already been thinking about them ourselves. Of course we could get AJ organic, grass fed, local beef, but at what cost out of pocket? In the past it was too expensive to consider this alternative.

But now that has all changed. AJ recently found out that his co-worker's family had a few head of cattle on a nearby farm and they slaughter periodically for mostly their own needs, but they also allow friends to purchase some of the meat. Okay, that's great, but the cost must be atrocious. Turns out it was less than $2 per pound! That's about what you pay at Meijer - if it's on sale! We were sold. So a week or so ago AJ picked up about 9 pounds of meat for our freezer, which should last almost a year since he's the only one who will be eating it.

The moral of this post is that it might not be as hard as it seems to make diet changes for the better.